Even if there are half a world of creators and e-sports maniacs

Wow. For every game that exists on Twitch, it should be remembered that after a hoss there is always a recession or even a crisis. You cannot grow infinitely. The current recession came from an unexpected side and revealed the flaws of the system we've been building over the past years. You need to know that it is a system that is held on adhesive tape.

Mona has her own eent company and sells educational products for the gaming and entertainment industry.

We like and respect each other. We worked together for a long time in Blizzard. Imagine that one day your clerk couldn't fit in, that business can grow without a knife on her throat. How could the world's gaming companies survive a viral bump when credit on the neck is their basic equipment? Recently, a make-up artist who prepared my wife's wedding makeup was flashing in the breakfast room. She regretted that she had the money put aside for three months and that these were her only savings. No, it wasn't a girl freshly after school makeup. She is one of the top make-up artists in Poland. And she was also on top eight years ago, when she was painting my bride and groom. I'll add that even for those times, we blew a lot on her! Many programmers on a B2B contract, who start to earn coconuts, very quickly spend their entire salary. They take cars for lease or mortgages, and why do I ask such crazy times?

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