Why are players getting worse?

We get used to well-being very quickly. We forget that lean times can hit us in the least expected moment. After all, it is so wonderful, it can only be better! We happily fall into the spending bubble, and when the memory comes to mind, it is too late... The fish is spoiling from the head - will entowness suddenly break through the ceiling? If the finances of an orgy like Shalke 04 lie, it is a sign that the players' home budget is probably also lame. We are often so concreted in the idea of life from the first to the first that the absolute basics of financial management blow our brains out.

The most sensible solution is a sober judgment of the situation and a firm decision. It is up to you to choose whether or not to shut down your organization or not to give up. Sports at first does not bring any income No one will do it for you. The government will not come on a white horse. It will not throw a sack of euros at us. Many people accuse me of being easy to talk to because I have online business and the current situation hasn't hit me like a local store does. They forget that I am also an entrepreneur and I also have the right to vote. What's more, three years ago I would have been pretty fucked up, because I was earning mostly offline. And I'm an example of how to take your company into the online world. Whether we want it or not, more and more areas of life and business are moving to the Internet. We can adapt to this or fail, but then we have to be ready for the consequences.


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