lot of work with new games sales

My team had a lot of work with new sales, publication of materials for ongoing programs and organization of conferences, so they had no head for the widow. Now I know that in such situations you have to act immediately. Otherwise we will wake up with a hand in the potty. Procedures Sets of procedures reduce the risk of human error. If a task requires passing through specific points, we ensure repeatability. At first glance, this is a corpse, but in practice procedures are not terrible. In our team, in 90% of cases they come down to a few sub-tasks in our player management system.

At the beginning of 2017, at your initiative, we are running them after the most erroneous projects, i.e. sales of our programs. The purpose of such a conversation is not to settle sins. We are doing it in order to find out the weaknesses of our procedures and work out solutions together. During such an inchli, there are always cool ideas to improve our work. Thanks to this, we run projects more and more efficiently, everyone in the team knows their tasks and performs them to the best of their ability. What if something fails again? It's nothing. We know that it will happen. But in the end - according to my motto - "it will be fine".

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