I have already mentioned My Boss many times.

I have to reinvent the wheel  No, you don't have to! Your task is not to discover new, groundbreaking things. You are supposed to share your knowledge with people who do not have it. Sometimes one new piece of information is enough to make your content super valuable in the eyes of the recipient. I usually disagree with him, but I must admit that he also said something very wise: "Document, don't create". Don't make up what you want to write. Document your path.

We all have unique experiences from which others could learn something. And it's these experiences that make people want our content. For a good start, it's worth writing down five topics that you can comment on. And then find areas where you can deepen these topics. Timetable for several weeks ready!  I fully understand that fate throws logs at your feet while spraying pepper spray. The truth is, however, that it will not do itself. If you really want to develop your business on the Internet, you have to pin down the traces and start acting. And, what is even more important, keep it regular. Fortunately, there are ways to make this task easier for yourself. 

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