I also knew for months that my wife was pregnant.

At the end of February, my supervisor called me in my job and told me that he has to move to a completely different model of player management. By the way, I also knew for months that my wife was pregnant. I knew that she might need an early leave. Nevertheless, I did not prepare myself for this situation. This is a very severe depletion of the team, because my wife had a lot of things to deal with. Therefore, just before the sale we had to introduce two new people and assign duties to her Additionally, my little girl had serious sleep problems at that time. My wife and I had to be prepared for frequent wakes up and, consequently, broken nights, just before the period of hard work. Dead things also decided to rebel. A disk in my laptop with all the valuable information was lost. They spread their hands in the service, so I was walking around with the external disk attached to the computer case with tape.

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