did the world collapse when you made a mistake ?

Think: did the world collapse when you made a mistake? Did the sky split when the stream collapsed? Did the payment system crash brought the riders of the Apocalypse? I honestly doubt it. In the perspective of our whole life, on a global scale, our troubles are usually not as great and terrible as we think. We really could have hit worse. And we have a place to sleep, we have something to eat, maybe even we are relatively healthy! One day we will end up in the sand anyway and nobody will remember the typo in the discount code.  How do you deal with problems? Stuff happened, it happens and will happen. And... in the long run it does not matter.

It is only important to draw lessons from them. When something bad happens, the worst thing you can do is to solve the problem and leave it without any reflection. For the mistakes to really teach, it is worth taking a few moments. Not to pull out the dirt, but to cool the analysis. What happened? Why did it happen? What needs to be changed/adopted so that the disaster does not happen again? Over the years I have worked out a few strategies that help me deal with problems. Up to twice the art

External tools tend to wail. Even the best of them can fail, so I don't delete the software on the basis of a single mistake (as long as it doesn't get my team involved). However, when a tool breaks down twice in a row - this is no longer a coincidence! The chance that it will fail again is increased. In such a situation I switch to another system. It is important not to be sentimental. So what if we have been using the tool for six years, if it fails nonstop in the seventh year? Business is business.

Prevention is better than firefighting

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