I'll come back for you

. Well, you can see that fate is in an outstanding form and many more will surprise us. Frankly speaking, the online crisis seemed more probable to me And here suddenly valorant, csgo, lol are hitting and everything wins. How long? . Some kind of digital war, through which the Internet will stop working as we know it. Digital pushing between states or corporations is the order of the day. You and I, modest network users, have no influence on this. If these online conflicts were to intensify... we could just make ourselves a bowl of popcorn and watch the digital world burn.

It was foreseeable that the economic slowdown would come at some point. The last economic cycle took an exceptionally long time. I was stunned by what money the salesmen demanded and how the customers were putting it on the table without blinking. This will change in the near future.

So while you can, friend. Act and push!

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